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Reserve your taxi here. Fort Myers Florida
Reserve your taxi here. Fort Myers Florida
Reserve your ride share here. Fort Myers Florida

Booking a Cab has never been this easy and fun!

Reserve your taxi here. Fort Myers Florida

Hail a cab directly off the map!

Or book a ride for later. Track your current ride and see the cabs location, distance and time of arrival!

This App is available on Google Play for Android, and in the iPhone app store. You can plan your ride by easily setting pick up and drop off on our map view interface. Then you have the option to hail a cab directly off the map by simply clicking on a vehicle, or if you are pre-booking a ride, you can book and get instant confirmation. Once a ride is booked, you can track your cab's location on the map and get constant updates on time of arrival.

Our rates are lower then the standard taxi meter when you book your ride with NightOwl Taxi.

Take advantage of the lower rates. Hail "NIGHT OWL TAXI" on your smartphone now!

Reserve your taxi here. Fort Myers Florida

- Book a ride now or later

- Hail cabs through the app by pressing on a car closest to you

- Type in pickup address or drag and drop your location on map, or simply click “Pick Me Up Here”

- Save your favorite places for easier booking next time

- Fare and time estimates before you book

- Choose specific options for your trip (vehicle type, luggage, payment type etc)

- Booking confirmation pop up and booking ID number

- Track your taxi on the map to see it moving to your location in real time

- Trip and receipt history for past rides

- Rate the driver and comment on your experience

- Facebook login and share your ride option

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